Osnat Weingarden - Gold Jewelry Design



The theme and design of my collections is an extension of my own personality and its quest to study people and their relations with nature and the environment – a personality that travels among a wide variety of exotic cultures, both ancient and contemporary, eager to experience differences in architectural styles, ritual practices, primacy, minerals, colors, breathtaking landscapes and people.


Each such journey yielded a collection different from its predecessors. Every item is a one of a kind piece, unique and different from the others, individually designed to suit each customer and reflect the relationship that develops between us.



—1964: Born in Israel, the youngest of three children whose parents blended the cultures of Eastern Europe and Iran. Our home was full of exotic cooking aromas and alive with everyday creative activity, encouraging the development of natural curiosity and infinite contemplation of nature: Sitting in a margosa tree for hours and sketching its boughs and branches, watercolor painting, sculpting in stone, sewing and knitting. These experiences left their imprint and imparted a childhood love for art and craftsmanship that persists to this day.

—1985-1987: Working for a hi-tech firm while acquiring jewelry-making experience in a private course that opened a window to an entire world. The decision to become a professional jewelry designer and manufacturer took shape during an extended stay in the Far East.

—1988-1989: Jewelry-making studies, Omanit College, Tel Aviv.

—1990-1992: Sent to California; training in numerous techniques at the Alan Revere Academy, including goldsmith, wax modeling, gemology, jewelry sketching and more; participation in American Craft Council shows in San Francisco and Saint Paul.

—1992: Setting up a private studio; creating a line of  gold jewelry sold at selected shops; teaching jewelry design and wax modeling at the Technological Institute in Tel Aviv.

—1994: The encounter with pure gold – specialization at the Julian Tiglat Studio and production of the CLEO Collection, inspired by a journey to the earliest cultures and the jewelry of ancient Greece and Egypt. This collection was exhibited at prestigious shops and offered to private customers.

—1997: Participation in the Israel Jewelry Exhibition.

—1998: Launching of the GEO Collection – geometric and architectural figures inlaid with diamonds and polished semi-precious gems.

—2001: Training in diamond identification and evaluation at the International Gemological Laboratories (IGL).

—2002: Participation in the Iberjoya Exhibition, Madrid, Spain; selected by WIZO to design and produce the Woman of Valor pin awarded to distinguished contributors, its horseshoe shape symbolizing good fortune and hope for the future of Israel’s children.

—2003-2007: Work at the Active Studio.

—Launching of the ZEN Collection.

—Construction of a showroom adjoining the studio; incorporating Japanese garden components reflecting the four         basic elements in the Zen Collection items adorning the exhibit.

2008 :  “JOURNEY” exhibition – The milestones of the collection creations from the first one CLEO to the last one NEO

2009 : Participation in the "Fingerprint - intersection hand with gold" Jewelry Exhibition, Tel-Aviv in Jewelry Gallery  Talin's .

Final stage of Tel-aviv  hundredth designers project Competition. Designing an     item with inspiration of socially foundation of Tel-Aviv culture from the past.Osnat weingarten designed a jewelry brooch , inspired ny Hana Rovina

Training in a 3 dimension design tool for Jewelry  - Rhino , at Shenkar- tel-Aviv

Member of Israel Jewlery manufactures Association IJMA